Pay Your Bill Online

On January 24, 2018, we will be introducing a whole new way to view and pay your St. Luke’s bill. This will increase the benefits by offering one consolidated billing statement.*

Patients who have doctor's visits, hospital stays, lab and imaging studies, and other medical appointments occurring in our St. Luke’s Network on or after January 24 will receive statements from our new billing system.

*General Information: This statement represents Hospital charges and Professional (Physician) services that are associated with St. Luke’s Physician Group (SLPG). There may be other Professional services that are not part of the SLPG that will not be included and will be billed separately. For your convenience. We are listing the telephone numbers from some of the professional bills you may receive.

  • Progressive Physician Associates (Radiology Service): (800)-841-4236
  • Emergency Physician Specialists: (877)-969-4069
  • Anesthesia Specialists of Bethlehem, PC and Anesthesia Specialists of Warren. LLC.: (800)-222-1442